Ring Around The Rosie with Kim Brown – April 23 2020

Hi All! Step into the pro wrestling ring with me every week on Ring Around The Rosie!

THIS WEEK:  It’s another all over the road show – I will bring my opinions on the WWE Black Wednesday releases, the Ronda Rousey controversy, the AEW TNT Title Tournament, Brandi and Cody Rhodes, IWTV, Marko and Logan Stunt, and more! Plus…I HAVE A TEE SHIRT! See BELOW for info and order links!


I HAVE A TEE SHIRT! Yeah! My very own shirt – a piece of original artwork commissioned by my hubby as a surprise from our friend Courtney Lyon, whose parents Eric and Valerie host the “Cavebabble” Podcast on PNRNetworks! It’s really cool, and I hope you’ll check it out and pick one up to show everyone you listen! You can order it HERE, or check out my website at http:\ringaroundtherosie.net and click on the sidebar ad!

Check out the debut single from 2019 eCinemaOne Rising Star Honors alum and AEW star Marko Stunt, “All My Friends”  https://soundcloud.com/user-535995562/all-my-friends

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